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Understand paternity fraud and how to protect yourself

Paternity is an important legal topic in the realm of family law. That is because it is through paternity testing that a man be proven to be a child's father. Though in many cases a man may be known or presumed to be a child's father, in other situation a Michigan man may be required to submit DNA samples to prove or disprove that he fathered a child.

Are mistakes ever made during paternity testing?

Establishing paternity is an important part of proving that a relationship exists between a man and a child. In Michigan, a man may be asked to submit to genetic testing in order to demonstrate or disprove his affiliation with a child. If he is found to be the child's biological father, then he may be required to provide his child with support and offer other care to the child.

How do DNA tests determine paternity?

When a child is born to unmarried parents in Michigan who are no longer in a relationship with one another, if the father wishes to pursue custody or visitation rights or if the mother wishes to pursue child support from the father, paternity needs to be established. Sometimes, parents will agree the man is the child's biological father and will voluntarily agree so in writing by executing a specific form, which will subsequently become legally binding.

What is the process for a paternity case in Michigan?

Sometimes, when a child in Michigan is born to unmarried parents, both parents will agree to sign an Affidavit of Parentage form. Doing so establishes paternity, meaning that the child's mother can subsequently seek child support from the child's father, and the child's father can seek parenting time with the child if he wishes. However, sometimes a parent does not wish to sign this form. If this is the case, then a parent can file a paternity case to establish parentage of the child.

We can help establish paternity and everything that comes after

There are many reasons that establishing paternity for your child may be on your mind. Whether you are the mother looking to put a legal father on record for your child, a grandmother looking for grandparent's rights or a father seeking parental rights, seeking paternity is the first step for many. With the legal establishment of paternity comes a range of rights and responsibilities.

What can paternity determination mean for a child?

When issues of paternity come up, it's rarely a question mark of who the mother is, as the child was brought into this world by her. Sometimes it's hard to know who the father is. Or rather, it can be difficult to prove who the father is. The legal significance of paternity allows a parent certain rights to seek visitation, custody etc. However, it also guarantees the child something.

What's the legal significance of establishing paternity?

Becoming a father represents an important change in a man's life in many profound ways. Among other things, fatherhood comes with certain legal rights and responsibilities. For this reason, paternity can be a matter of legal dispute. In many cases, a man or a woman might request a legal determination of paternity for a child.

What is the importance of an affidavit with Michigan paternity?

When there is a question as to a child's paternity in Michigan, it can be a worrisome time for both parents. Issues related to fathers' rights, paternity actions, legal rights and other issues can muddy the waters and make a difficult situation worse. There are certain terms that might not be completely clear to the parents as the seek to establish paternity. One is knowing what an affidavit is, what happens when it is signed, and how it can affect paternity.

Paternity issues in Michigan require experienced legal help

It can be difficult to navigate paternity issues in Michigan. These can come from various perspectives and all are complex. For example, in some cases, there is a lack of certainty as to who the biological father of a child is and child support, visitation rights and more hang in the balance of the testing. In other cases, the man who the mother says is the biological father denies paternity. The man who believes he is the father might want to see the child, but the mother is denying that request. With these or any other situations related to paternity, it is imperative to have legal assistance.

The importance of determining paternity

Determining paternity has important emotional and legal implications for both the child and family involved. In addition to knowing the identity of the child's biological father, the process of determining paternity can have important implications for child custody and visitation, child support, health care issues and inheritance concerns, among other important considerations.

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