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How can I enforce my alimony payments?

When a court orders alimony payments to be paid to you, your ex-spouse might not be very happy. They might think that they were treated unfairly by the courts or that they will now be struggling financially. However, the reality is that the courts take alimony payments very seriously, and they calculate a judgment that they believe is the fairest scenario for all. Therefore, if your ex-spouse is late on an alimony payment, the consequences can be severe.

Divorcing without sacrificing your mental health

Divorce is a harsh reality for as many as 48 percent of married couples within the 20 years following the marriage. Most people decide to divorce because they come to the conclusion that they will live happier and more fulfilled lives after they have separated from their spouse. However, the process of divorce is inevitably a stressful and draining one, even if you separate amicably. There is the pressure of doing right by your children and explaining the situation to friends and family can make it feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

4 signs of an unhappy marriage

When is it time to call an end to your marriage? For some people, there's a line that gets crossed -- physical abuse or adultery are often precursors to divorce -- but many people just get to a place where they're just unhappy. No one big thing brought them to that point.

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