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Are You Looking For A Lawyer To Help With A Stepparent Adoption?

One of the most positive experiences a family law attorney can help with is an adoption. When a family grows, it can be a very joyous occasion. However, the road getting there can sometimes be full of roadblocks and other frustrating legal issues. Having an adoption attorney represent you and your family can help avoid such issues and help make the adoption process go smoothly. While this doesn’t ensure a perfect journey to a legal adoption, it can ensure all legal issues are thoroughly handled.

If you are interested in an adoption, whether you are a stepparent seeking to adopt a stepchild or a same-sex couple looking to expand your family, our law firm is here for you.

At Selleck Legal, PLLC, our dedicated and compassionate lawyer, Stacey Selleck, provides comprehensive adoption law counsel. With a background in family law, we can help you seek a stepchild adoption and handle any legal family law matters that may arise. Send us a brief message online to arrange a free initial consultation.

Stepparent Adoptions

While stepparent adoption is many times not as complicated as other types of adoptions, this does not mean it is easy in every situation. A stepparent seeking to adopt a stepchild must get consent from the other biological parent (most likely the ex-spouse of the spouse he or she married).

If a biological parent refuses to give consent or to terminate his or her parental rights, the legal situation can become complex. That is why it is important to have a family law attorney representing your rights and advocating for you and your child’s best interests.

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