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Strong Advocacy For Show Cause Hearings And Support Enforcements

During the divorce process, child custody, placement and support issues are often hotly contested. After a divorce or separation, when a court order is legally in place, Michigan law expects both parents to follow the terms of the order as written.

Unfortunately, tensions can continue following the divorce. Circumstances may also change. Not all parents continue to pay their support obligations, and some do not allow the other parent to have parenting time as stipulated in the divorce settlement or judgment.

At Selleck Legal, PLLC, in Plymouth, Michigan, we have extensive experience obtaining results for our family law clients throughout Wayne County and beyond. Our attorney has significant knowledge of matters handled through the Friend of the Court (FOC) office and can help you to obtain a show cause hearing before a FOC referee. We also represent clients who have been served with an order to show cause. To arrange a no-pressure consultation with an experienced lawyer, call 734-713-8995.

If Your Ex Is Not Following An Existing Order, You May Have Options

Michigan law provides a variety of tools that are designed to get a parent to follow an existing family court order. We will fully review your individual circumstances and explain your legal options to get your ex back in compliance with an existing order.

If your circumstances have substantially changed and the existing order is no longer workable, we can explain how post-judgment modifications work in Michigan and how the law applies to your situation.

Show Cause Hearings And Possible Contempt Of Court

A show cause hearing has teeth. We represent men and women in show cause hearings to obtain the best results. A judge will review a motion to show cause and may order a formal hearing to bring in an individual who is refusing to follow custody, parenting time or support order.

If the court finds that an individual is not following an existing order, the judge may find the party in contempt of court. Jail time is an option for the court when a party is found in contempt.

Other remedies may include:

  • Wage or bank account garnishment
  • License suspension, including driver’s licenses, professional licenses and hunting licenses
  • Seizure of tax refunds
  • Ordering jail time

In custody and parenting time matters, the court may also order:

  • A parenting time modification
  • Additional parenting time to make up for missed time

Turn To An Experienced Custody And Support Enforcement Lawyer

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