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Do You Need A Modification?

As changes happen in your life, your divorce agreement may need changes as well. Although not all modifications are granted by family courts, the law provides for substantial circumstances that merit a post-divorce modification. Keep in mind that parties cannot change a divorce agreement and must adhere to the finalized decree until a judge grants a petition requesting a modification. That is why you should seek the help of an attorney who can handle this post-divorce issue on your behalf.

At Selleck Legal, PLLC, our experienced attorney Stacey Selleck not only provides comprehensive divorce counsel before and during a divorce but also for issues post-divorce. One of the major legal needs post-divorce is a modification.

If you believe your situation requires a modification or if it is an emergency, take action immediately and reach out to our law firm. Our Wayne County lawyer offers free initial consultations. Call 734-713-8995 today.

What Merits A Post-Divorce Modification?

There is no definitive answer for what will definitely merit a post-divorce modification, as every situation is different and weighed by a family court judge. However, the general rule is that the change must be substantial. If there are children impacted by the requested change, the best interests of the child are always held as the most important factor.

Post-divorce modifications can be made for child custody and parenting time agreements as well as spousal support and child support. Common changes that are viewed as significant and substantial are job loss, loss of income, increase in income, remarriage, change in domicile and other big life events.

It is very important to understand in child custody arrangements that a parent cannot move away without modifying the divorce agreement.

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