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Marital Property And Property Division

Dividing assets and debts in divorce is often a difficult process. Concerns over finances are not always the only source of friction when dividing marital property. Moreover, Michigan is an equitable division state. That means that courts do not necessarily split assets on an equal, or 50-50, basis. The court will look at your individual circumstances to determine what is fair and equitable in your unique situation.

At Selleck Legal, PLLC, in Plymouth, we do the hard work to analyze your unique circumstances and explain your legal options to divide one household, the household goods and household finances into two for the purposes of a workable and fair property settlement.

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Understanding Marital Property An Property Division In Michigan

We take the time to evaluate the nature of your assets. While courts seek to divide property in a fair and equitable matter, not all property is necessarily marital property. Property that you owned before the marriage and kept separate, as well as personal gifts or inheritances that are not commingled with marital assets may be excluded from the property division analysis. Bank accounts that are in only one spouse’s name are likely marital property — so long as the funds were earned during the marriage.

Working With Experts To Value And Divide Assets

Property division is one of the foremost issues related to divorce. Stacey Selleck can bring her expertise to help you divide even the most complex types of assets, including:

When these issues require heightened expertise, she can reach out to her network of forensic experts to help you reach an ideal resolution.

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