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Guiding You Through Divorce In Michigan

Divorce is a serious transition point that affects men and women in all walks of life. This critical point can go smoothly or be the most emotionally taxing endeavor an individual will ever go through — it all depends on how he or she handles it. Important personal and financial decisions will need to be made, and complex issues will need to be addressed. As such, it is critical to partner with an attorney who will know your rights and will advocate for you and your loved ones.

At the Plymouth law firm of Selleck Legal, PLLC, we bring a comprehensive approach to family law issues by assisting in every step of this emotional endeavor. We work to provide amicable solutions when possible and encourage and assist our clients in settling the issues of their divorce. Call 734-713-8995 to arrange a free consultation.

Whether Through Negotiation Or Litigation, We Are Here For You

For a decade we have provided affordable family law representation, delivered with integrity. You will have access to your lawyer throughout our relationship. We thoroughly review the details to safeguard your best interests in all aspects of your divorce, including:

If you have reached a basic agreement with your spouse or do not have major issues involving children and property division to work out, we can guide you through an efficient and affordable uncontested divorce.

However, many couples are unable to come to a workable agreement after their marriage breaks down. When settlements are unobtainable, our founding lawyer, Stacey Selleck, is a strong trial lawyer and will aggressively advocate to protect your rights through trial.

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Contact Plymouth, Michigan, divorce lawyer Stacey L. Selleck for a free initial consultation at 734-713-8995 or through our contact form. Your email or overnight messages are responded to promptly. We serve clients throughout Wayne County, including in Livonia, Westland, Northville and surrounding areas.