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Clear Guidance For Your Amicable Divorce

While divorce may be a difficult process to go through, not every divorce has to be a long-fought battle. Some couples are able to settle their differences amicably. A collaborative divorce can be empowering, as individuals who are able to work out a divorce settlement amicably retain more control over the outcome than when contested issues are presented to a judge for a decisive ruling.

Even if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agree to resolve your divorce amicably, it is important to work with a lawyer to ensure that the provisions and documents are properly prepared. You likely have questions about how an amicable or collaborative divorce can benefit you.

At the Plymouth law firm of Selleck Legal, PLLC, we provide affordable guidance for individuals who are interested in an uncontested or collaborative divorce process. To arrange a free consultation with a strong family law attorney, we invite you to call 734-713-8995.

Settling The Issues Amicably Can Be Empowering

When divorcing couples work together to finalize the terms of their divorce agreement, they often save a significant amount of time and expense, and are able to move forward without suffering the emotional toll that is associated with a contested divorce. However, a divorce decree is a legal document that requires attention to detail to avoid ambiguities that can lead to litigation in the future.

In an uncontested divorce, we can only represent one spouse. However, having a compassionate attorney in your corner can give you the peace of mind that your amicable divorce will flow smoothly in the court process.

We can review your circumstances, the agreement you and your spouse intend to follow in the divorce, as well as fine-tune the petition, your marital termination agreement and the proposed final decree, to help ensure that you and your spouse have not overlooked important legal issues.

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Working with an experienced collaborative divorce lawyer in Plymouth can give you the peace of mind that your divorce settlement is legally sound. Divorce does not need to be costly.

To arrange a free initial consultation with a lawyer who will protect your legal interests in an uncontested divorce, call 734-713-8995 or send us an email now. We respond promptly to after-hours and overnight messages.

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