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Paternity Archives

How paternity can be revoked in Michigan

When people are interested in paternity in Michigan, it is often because they want to prove that a child really belongs to them. However, a lesser-known reason to get involved with this is to have paternity rights revoked, something that can be done. It is important for people to know how this works so that they can make sure they use all of their legal options in paternity cases.

When a DNA test is not enough: Fathers' rights in court

As an unwed father, you may be worrying about the status of your parental rights even before your child is born. Truly, establishing paternity is a key step in obtaining the fathers' rights you deserve. Fathers should realize that biological paternity does not automatically confer rights upon a dad; rather, a court order is often required. This is where an experienced family attorney can help you protect your legal rights in court, improving your likelihood of success when battling custody issues.

What you need to know about establishing paternity in Michigan

As an unwed father in Detroit, Michigan, you need to know that you do have a variety of legal rights when it comes to your child. To access many of those rights, however, you must establish that you are the child's biological parent. There are actually a variety of ways to prove paternity in the state of Michigan; let us walk you through the process so you are prepared when the day finally arrives.