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Misdemeanors Archives

Michigan woman arrested on misdemeanor charge for squatting

A Michigan woman has been arrested after reportedly illegally moving into a home she believed to have been abandoned. The woman, age 27, was arrested because of a trespassing complaint that was entered in February. She said she decided to move into the Bolles Harbor home after noticing that no one was living inside the building. She argues that she is protected by a squatter's rights law.

Man pleads 'no contest' to misdemeanor charge for truck damage

A Michigan man's criminal charges have been reduced after he entered a "no contest" plea for allegedly attacking his neighbor's vehicle. The man had been facing felony charges in connection with the incident, but those accusations have been lowered to a misdemeanor charge for destruction of property. He could still face a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines, but the new charges are admittedly less significant than a potential five-year term that could have come from the felony count.

Man flees sentencing for misdemeanor charge, promptly returned

A man from the southern U.S. who decided to skip out on a sentencing hearing in Bay City, Michigan, has been returned to the jurisdiction after running afoul of his bail bondsmen. The man, a Florida resident, was accused of larceny by conversion for allegedly stealing his mother-in-law's vehicle. That misdemeanor charge would have only led to a maximum $1,000 fine and a year's worth of probation. In exchange for a no-contest plea, prosecutors agreed to drop a more severe version of the charge that could have led to a $20,000 fine.

Michigan lawmaker sentenced for misdemeanor charge

A former state legislator in Michigan has pleaded no contest to charges associated with a financial fraud scheme that allegedly took money from more than 150 local victims. Criminal charges filed in the matter included neglect of duty by a public official. The man faced only a misdemeanor charge, for which he will serve a single year of probation, along with 320 hours of community service and a modest fine.

County leader facing misdemeanor charges for wreck

A Michigan official from Kalkaska County is facing criminal charges in connection with a recent car accident in Oliver Township. The man, who heads the Kalkaska County Equalization Department, will mount a criminal defense against misdemeanor charges of reckless driving. The man is also accused of failing to stop after the Sept. 26 car accident, which luckily did not result in any injuries.

Emergency financial manager pleads no contest to misdemeanor

A man who was accused of embezzling money from Highland Park while he served as the city's emergency financial officer pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge just recently. The man's plea, which is not considered an admission of guilt, even though he would be sentenced as if he entered a guilty plea, caps off a three-year legal battle against him.

Michigan man faces misdemeanor poaching charges

A man from Owosso Township, Michigan, allegedly poached deer and turkey, and now he faces 125 misdemeanor charges. Officials from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources claim to have found more than 100 animal parts, including those from turkeys and deer, on his property. The 51-year-old man was charged with one count of taking a deer without a license, two counts of illegal baiting, 115 counts of taking or possessing a deer over the legal limit and seven counts taking a turkey without a permit.

Michigan mother faces misdemeanor charges

A Michigan mother has acknowledged that she made a mistake. However, she maintains that she is not an unfit mother after she allegedly left her three children in the car on a hot summer day as she ran into a store for ice cream and ice. The mother now faces misdemeanor charges.