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Larceny & Theft Archives

Man accused of larceny after allegedly taking date's iPad

A 29-year-old Michigan man was arrested after a first date gone wrong. No, this Lothario was not apprehended because of his relationship techniques -- he is facing larceny charges after allegedly taking items from a woman he met online. Officials say the man is thought to have taken an iPad and a piece of jewelry from the woman's home on March 23.

Scrap metal theft epidemic leads to legal crackdown

Scrap metal theft has been a significant problem in Michigan in recent years. In fact, Detroit administrators are calling the issue a million-dollar problem, with vandals and illegal scrappers targeting HVAC systems on public school buildings and other critical systems. Now, a new theft law designed to prevent scrap metal theft has been approved in the state House, with the Senate almost certain to follow.

Man with history of petty larceny sentenced for cattle theft

Although you might think of cattle rustling as a hanging offense from the Old West, the crime apparently still occurs in modern times. A Michigan man has been sentenced to two to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to allegations that he stole dozens of cows from a Kent County farm. He will also be required to pay restitution in the amount of $78,000. The man, age 54, reportedly had a history of petty larceny and other similar crimes. He pleaded guilty to the theft crimes in mid-January after his November arrest.

Grad student charged with theft from biology department

A 25-year-old graduate student is facing multiple felony charges. The man was the subject of a nine-month investigation into the theft of equipment from the biology department at Central Michigan University, including microscopes and other expensive equipment.

Man pleads guilty to theft charges for taking motor homes

A criminal defendant in Michigan has pleaded guilty to nine felony theft charges in Grand Rapids Federal Court. The man, a native of Kentucky, was facing interstate theft charges for motor vehicles after reportedly making off with several motor homes from locations throughout Western Michigan. Further, the man was charged with three counts of interstate theft of property in relation to the contents of the motor homes. Additional charges included conspiracy to engage in interstate theft. The man could spend several decades in prison for those six charges; each of the counts also carries a potential $250,000 fine. Involvement in a related money-laundering scheme could also land the man in custody for an additional 20 years, among other penalties.

Trio facing theft charges after allegedly taking Michigan cars

Three defendants have been arrested in connection with a suspected car theft ring that has been targeting vehicles throughout southern Michigan. Official reports show that the trio was arrested after they were allegedly attempting to steal a vehicle from a dealership on East M-21. Defendants in the case are facing theft charges, including unlawful driving away of an automobile and conspiracy to commit the same crime. Authorities say they intend to attempt to link the men, ages 30 to 33, to a variety of other vehicle thefts in the state.

Parolee detained for alleged vehicle-related theft

The parolee had no idea that the vehicle he attempted to rob belonged to a police officer. Sadly, the 43-year-old man was back in court facing larceny charges in connection with the Michigan incident, during which he allegedly tried to pry hubcaps from a detective's vehicle. The man is formally charged with larceny from auto, and he is also facing additional penalties for driving on a suspended license. Those charges are misdemeanors.

Charges filed in Michigan identity theft ring

Michigan authorities say they have apprehended two West Michigan defendants in connection with a checkbook and identity theft ring. The pair was part of the notorious "Felony Lane" enterprise, based out of another state, in which defendants stole checkbooks and identification cards from women's vehicles. The defendants in this case are facing more than one theft charge for their alleged role in the case.

Michigan legislature hopes to curb metal theft

Long-pending legislation has just been approved by the Michigan legislature to cut down on illegal metal sales and robbery. The measure, which passed the Michigan House in early November, is designed to prevent the metal theft that has been causing rifts in communities throughout the state. In fact, legislators say that insurance claims related to metal theft in Michigan and the Detroit area are among the highest in the nation, costing crime victims thousands each week.

Man facing federal charges for candy theft

A man is facing criminal charges for theft of merchandise after he allegedly took a high-value stolen commercial shipment to Michigan that included $200,000 in candy. The man, who hails from Arkansas, was formally indicted by federal officials connected with the incident in September, making his first appearance at a hearing in late October. He is accused of theft of an interstate shipment, along with transportation of stolen property and transportation of a stolen vehicle for his role in the April 15, 2012 theft. The federal government is administering this proceeding because the charges involve multiple states' commercial interests.