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Drunk Driving Archives

Man convicted of drinking and driving in fatal accident case

A Michigan man has been convicted in connection with a drunk driving crash that left a young couple dead in October. The defendant, age 27, was convicted of drunken driving causing death by jurors in Grand Rapids. Three guilty verdicts were returned in connection with the OWI charges. The defendant will be sentenced in mid-May. He could face up to 15 years' prison time in connection with the wreck.

Michigan man facing drunk driving charge after crash into house

A 21-year-old motorist who allegedly drove a vehicle through a home has waived his right to a preliminary hearing in court. The man is facing OWI charges including a count that could lead to a 15-year sentence. Those charges have been heightened by the fact that a sleeping resident inside the home died after allegedly being struck by the SUV driven by the defendant. The defendant is formally charged with operating while intoxicated causing serious injury, operating while intoxicated causing death and second-offense operating while intoxicated.

Underage drinking and driving depends on friends' actions

Most of us have heard the old adage, "Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas." Is there any truth to the idea that people adopt the bad habits of those in their immediate vicinity? National statistics show that the principle may hold true in at least one situation: Teens in Michigan and other states are far more likely to participate in underage drinking and driving if they have ridden with someone else who has engaged in the same behavior.

Michigan police officer charged with drinking and driving

A Michigan police officer is facing charges for drunk driving after the conclusion of an investigation that lasted nearly three weeks. The woman, age 34, entered a not-guilty plea on Feb. 4, according to official reports. The officer, who has been working for the department since 2005, is charged with driving with a high blood alcohol content. That drunk driving charge is a misdemeanor that could lead to a six-month jail sentence.

Teen driver facing OWI charge, others after September wreck

A 19-year-old woman is facing serious charges in connection with a vehicle wreck in Michigan that ended in an alleged assault on an officer. The woman was arrested for drinking and driving in Ypsilanti, according to authorities. The woman is facing charges under the state's 'super drunk' driving law, which is designed to provide extra measures of punishment for those who drive with a blood alcohol content that measures at 0.17 percent or higher. The legal limit for driving in Michigan is 0.08 percent.

OWI convictions may come with new BAC technology

Good news for individuals who have been convicted on drunk driving charges: Bulky, inconvenient ignition interlocks may soon be a thing of the past. New information from the Obama administration and several automakers - including those in Michigan - indicates that previous efforts to streamline the devices will continue into the coming years. The partnership, which includes Detroit's Big Three auto manufacturers, is working to create a Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety that will make life easier for those that have been convicted of a drunk driving charge. Researchers from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration are working to develop more sophisticated systems that might even be useful in every vehicle that comes off the assembly line.

Michigan man charged with 'super-drunk' driving

A Michigan man whose blood alcohol content allegedly measured at 0.20 percent is facing prosecution under the state's new "super-drunk" law. The 25-year-old man is accused of drinking and driving on Sept. 29, as he led police officers on an extended chase on U.S. 127. The man was reportedly driving the wrong way on the road; he is now facing two misdemeanor drunk driving charges in connection with the incident.

Michigan State University player faces underage drinking sentence

A Michigan State University football player has moved on to the next step in his underage drinking case, during which he was accused of driving while intoxicated. The man is slated to be sentenced in connection with the drunk-driving allegations during a hearing in late September. He was accused of drinking before getting behind the wheel on July 20, when he was arrested after a routine traffic stop.

Alleged drunk driver blinded by sun, strikes 3 victims

A 21-year-old Michigan woman is facing criminal charges for drunk driving after she allegedly struck three people with her vehicle. The woman is facing formal charges of operating while intoxicated - second offense, along with two counts of operating while intoxicated causing serious injury. Authorities report that the driver's blood alcohol content after arrest measured at 0.12 percent. The legal limit for driving in the state of Michigan is 0.08 percent.

Woman arrested for DUI after striking 3 cars

A 25-year-old woman is facing charges after she was arrested on Aug. 11 for alleged drunk driving. The Dearborn woman reportedly struck three vehicles while driving through an apartment complex parking lot. She was apprehended even though she fled to her parents' home in Dearborn Heights, according to news reports. The woman is charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of a crash.