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Drug Charges Archives

Men with prior record facing drug charges after chase, crash

A harrowing police chase in Ann Arbor has led to the arrest of two Michigan men, who have now been charged with a series of drug crimes. The two men, ages 25 and 26, are accused of bringing heroin into Washtenaw County. They are each facing several felony drug charges, for which they were arraigned on April 24.

Drug charges for group accused of sending meth in teddy bears

Teddy bears are adorable toys designed for children -- but several criminal defendants are accused of using these cuddly animals for a nefarious purpose. Authorities say that several people were extradited to Michigan in late 2013 for drug charges after they allegedly mailed teddy bears stuffed with methamphetamine to a post office in Zeeland. Three people from Ottowa County have already been convicted and sentenced to lengthy terms, while two people who mailed the bears from California are awaiting sentencing.

Mistrial for man facing series of felony drug charges

A 54-year-old criminal defendant's case remains in limbo after a recent mistrial. The defendant was facing drug charges in connection with a May 2013 incident in Michigan, during which troopers pulled the man over for driving erratically. Officers say they discovered cocaine and pills in the man's vehicle. The defendant argued that the drugs belonged to his passenger. A jury deadlocked during trial deliberations on Jan. 23. The defendant is facing several felony counts of drug possession with the intent to deliver. He is accused of possessing prescription drugs including hydromorphone, methadone and oxycodone. He also allegedly was in possession of alprazolam - better known as Xanax - and phenobarbitol, both potent prescription drugs.

Drug charges won't apply to marijuana users on private property

Good news has arrived for all of those area residents who enjoy smoking a small amount of marijuana in their own homes. A new ordinance in Jackson, Michigan, will allow the decriminalization of up to an ounce of pot for those who are 21 and older on private property. The ordinance is designed to reduce the number of minordrug charges that have been plaguing the area. That measure passed in November by nearly a two-to-one ratio, according to area news reports.

Doctor in Michigan facing prescription drug charges

A physician from Bloomfield Township, Michigan, is facing criminal charges after he allegedly provided narcotics to patients who had not received full physical evaluations. The man, age 59, is facing more than one drug charge in the matter, including two felony drug delivery counts and a single count of violating his prescription license. The man has already posted bond and ostensibly begun mounting a criminal defense in the matter, after officials scheduled his pre-trial hearing for mid-November.

Former mayor facing possession charges

The former mayor of Birmingham, Michigan, is facing drug charges after he was accused of possessing methamphetamine. The man, age 53, is facing a 10-year felony charge in connection with the case, which was initiated when he was arraigned on Aug. 28. Community members say they are shocked by the allegations, as the man has been active in the local community for decades.

Deputy charged with drug possession

Law enforcement officers are generally expected to uphold the tenets of local and federal law. These individuals are still human beings who make mistakes, however, and they should not be treated differently from any other citizen in a court of law, no matter the nature of their alleged crimes. A long-time veteran of the Eaton County Sheriff's Office in Michigan may have broken several laws in connection with alleged drug crimes. The man is charged with embezzlement by a public official and possession of a controlled substance.

Farmer gets probation for pot distribution

A 62-year-old Michigan farmer has avoided jail time after facing drug charges for allegedly growing thousands of marijuana plants. The man and his wife were arrested two years ago when a raid by drug enforcement officers yielded some 8,000 plants. In March, the man pleaded guilty to manufacturing with intent to distribute marijuana. The woman's charges were dismissed in early May.

Michigan meth suspect surrenders to police

A 41-year-old Michigan man has turned himself in to face drug charges in relation to a methamphetamine production operation. The man is facing official charges of operating a meth lab and delivering or manufacturing the controlled substance. He was arraigned on June 3.