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Child Support Archives

Michigan child support enforcement methods

For many single parents raising their children, receiving a child support determination is simply the first step in their efforts to get help from the noncustodial parent. Sometimes, it is difficult to actually receive the support payments from the other parent, even though Michigan law uses fair and balanced means to determine the amount. If this should happen, it is the state's job to enforce the payment of child support.

Scores of workers have wages garnished for child support funds

What percentage of Americans have their wages garnished? Although you think this number might be relatively low, the truth might surprise you. A whopping one in 10 workers with annual incomes between $25,000 and $40,000 have their wages garnished. About 40 percent of those whose wages are garnished nationwide are subject to this action because of child support payments.

Parents flout child support rulings through Facebook posts

Facebook is a wonderful Internet resource -- but it may also be your downfall when it comes to child support. A growing number of parents are facing serious criminal consequences for failing to pay their child support after evidence has surfaced of them flouting courtroom orders and spending money on themselves. Both parents who pay and receive child support should know about the implications of social media for their ongoing schedule of monthly payments.

Warrant issued for South Side rapper in child support case

Non-custodial parents can get behind on their child support payments for a number of reasons, including unexpected medical expenses or loss of a job. No matter what the reason is, the best way to approach child support issues is to face them head on. One Chicago father has yet to learn that lesson. His story can help to show those in nearby Detroit, Michigan, what not to do.

Reality TV star owes more than $1 million in back child support

Even famous people run afoul of the law when they fail to comply with child support guidelines. Reality star Steven Jordan, known to many Michigan residents for his role on "Love & Hip Hop," has been arrested for failing to make monthly payments for his child support. Official reports show that the man has failed to pay a whopping $1.1 million for his teenage children who live in Pennsylvania with their mother.