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Family Law

How to dispute a paternity ruling

Determining who the legal father of a child is can be significant for several different reasons. First, the father may be entitled to visitation rights and be required to pay child support to the mother. Furthermore, the child and mother may be entitled to learn more...

Financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

Though divorce rates have declined over the past decade, millions of people across the United States, including Michigan residents, file for divorce every year. A lot of people rush into divorce without considering the financial consequences, and they wind up being...

Parenting time options for divorced couples

If you are getting a divorce in Michigan, you will have many issues to navigate. If there are children involved, custody and parenting time are frequent sources for dispute. You might try to set up an agreement in which you alternate weeks. This could be problematic...

The 1, 2, 3s of back-to-school co-parenting

There is a change in the air with the end of the summer. New teachers, new school supplies and new schedules compete for attention with the carefree days and nights of early August. For children of divorce, however, another new element can be added to the list of...

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