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Regaining financial independence after divorce

You may have been financially stable during your marriage, but this isn’t necessarily the key to a thriving relationship. Other factors in your marriage could have made the relationship unsustainable. As you head into your post-divorce life, you may be apprehensive...

The importance of a post-divorce budget

If you're going to get divorced, you have a lot of financial decisions to make. For most people, the first one is just whether or not they can afford to go through the divorce process itself. The second area to address is how to divide assets. But it's also important...

Money buys a lot, but it won’t buy marital bliss

There’s no question that money can solve a lot of problems, but that old saying that “money doesn’t buy happiness” is apparently true -- at least when it comes to the “happily ever after” that most couples envision when they marry. It turns out that the ultra-wealthy...

5 myths about divorce

Divorce is a difficult process, and many couples are hesitant to go through with it. They may be afraid of what the future holds or that they will regret their decision. The imagination tends to run wild when facing divorce. However, the reality is hardly ever as...

How to get your finances prepared for divorce

If you have always relied on your spouse to look after the finances in your marriage, getting divorced means you need to get informed. While your spouse may be trustworthy enough to ensure you get a fair settlement, it pays to be sure. What financial paperwork should...

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