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Finances and your divorce

When it comes to divorce, there are so many issues to consider. You have to think about your future in terms of not only your children (if you have them) and your property but also your day-to-day financial situation. 

Will a divorce disrupt my company's operations?

When you are a professional such as a CPA, dentist or doctor who owns your practice, or you are a small-business owner in general, it is natural to wonder whether a divorce will affect your operations. After all, you heard about that other dentist whose business records became public in divorce, and employees found out the business had been shut down.

3 tips for preparing your finances for divorce

Even during the most amicable divorce and with the most favorable settlement, your finances will take a hit. Legal fees, property division and supporting yourself after the divorce can all take a strain on your wallet. But it does not need to devastate you. The financial burdens you face will be worse if you do not prepare for what is coming. 

Child custody in same-sex divorces

Same-sex couples can have children together through a variety of means. When a same-sex couple decides to get a divorce, the court determines child custody much like they do with heterosexual couples. This occurs quite frequently, considering that data from Williams Institute indicates up to 1.8 percent of same-sex couples go through a divorce every year.

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