How accurate are paternity tests?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Paternity

A situation in which there is some question about a child’s parentage can become complicated. One person may want the other to pay child support, for instance, but that person may claim that they are not the child’s parent anyway. On the other side, someone may want to get custody of a child, but the other parent may claim that they have no custody rights and they aren’t the real father.

To resolve this, those involved will often take a paternity test. This is designed to show whether or not two people are related at a genetic level. But how accurate are these tests? If you have one done, do you know that you can actually trust the results?

You are not the father

Modern paternity tests that use DNA testing are focused on ruling people out from being the father. When you take the test, it can show that you are not the father with 99.9% accuracy.

In other words, these are very accurate tests that you can trust. If the test shows that you’re not the father and you shouldn’t have to pay child support, then you can use that as evidence should you wind up in court with your former partner. If you’re trying to get custody time with your child, you can take the test and be assured that it will show that there is a match and that you do have a right to that time.

The benefit of DNA testing is that it’s very accurate, to a degree never found by previous tests. This means that one simple test could be all you need to overcome a disagreement or determine your legal rights. If you’re involved in this sort of situation and it’s getting complicated, be sure that you know about all of the legal options at your disposal. 


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