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Experienced Professional

Month: October 2020

What is parental alienation?

One of the most atrocious things that can happen when parents divorce is that one of the parents will try to turn the children against the other. This can considerably harm the parent-child relationship and should be avoided. However, there are cases in which parental...

The impact of divorce on businesses

Dividing marital assets during a divorce is never simple. When a couple in Michigan has financial ties to a business, the divorce becomes more complicated, and the business itself may be affected. However, some steps can be taken to avoid the impact of a divorce on a...

Some things you might not know about divorce

Sometimes the things that appear to be factual just don’t hold water. The same holds true about what Michigan residents might believe about divorce. For those who are considering ending their marriages, it might be best to know fact from fiction. It’s common that most...

The cost of divorce can be prohibitive for women

Travel anywhere in the developing world, and you will find American volunteers working on social projects to help women trapped in the cycle of poverty. The scenario goes like this: Adolescent girls do not finish their schooling as they must help around the house full...

How a CDFA can help in divorce

Michigan spouses may find themselves struggling financially in the wake of a divorce. You may not know how to handle money matters before or after a divorce, but you can hire a certified divorce financial analyst, or CDFA, to help you get in a better position for your...

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