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December 2019 Archives

Common mistakes made in a high-asset divorce

When a couple decides to divorce after a considerable amount of years of marriage, this often means that they have a large amount of assets to divide. A high-asset divorce differs from other divorces due to the fact that assets can be particularly complex to identify and divide between spouses. In high-asset divorces, conflicts are more likely to arise due to these difficulties.

Does joint custody mean equal custody?

There is nothing easy about sharing one's children with an ex-partner. A parent may be used to seeing their child every day and having an active role in their development. When that parent chooses to divorce their co-parent and live separately from them, though, they may also have to learn how to live separate and apart from their children.

Understand paternity fraud and how to protect yourself

Paternity is an important legal topic in the realm of family law. That is because it is through paternity testing that a man be proven to be a child's father. Though in many cases a man may be known or presumed to be a child's father, in other situation a Michigan man may be required to submit DNA samples to prove or disprove that he fathered a child.

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