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Hiding assets during a divorce is a serious matter

Marriages end for a variety of reasons. Still, because you and your spouse both contributed to the union, each of you should receive your fair share of marital assets. If one partner hides financial information from the other, though, doing so may be exceedingly difficult. Nevertheless, you must know about all assets to better plan for your post-divorce financial future

What is martial property and why does it matter during a divorce?

Over time, couples in Michigan can acquire a lot of possessions. Those items may be high value pieces of real estate, such as family homes and vacation properties. Their possessions may include jewelry and cars, electronics and financial investments. They may buy furniture, clothing and items to use for sports and entertainment.

Understanding legal child custody in Michigan

Being a parent is hard. A parent is expected and required to provide their child with their basic needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing. They must also give their child intangible love, care, and support to help them grow both emotionally and physically. Accomplishing this with the help of a spouse or committed co-parent can be difficult, and doing it after divorce can be even more challenging.

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