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September 2019 Archives

Are mistakes ever made during paternity testing?

Establishing paternity is an important part of proving that a relationship exists between a man and a child. In Michigan, a man may be asked to submit to genetic testing in order to demonstrate or disprove his affiliation with a child. If he is found to be the child's biological father, then he may be required to provide his child with support and offer other care to the child.

A review of physical child custody in Michigan

Like most others states throughout the country, Michigan has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act. This gives some standardization to child custody processes and determinations throughout the nation, but as with all legal matters it is important that individuals seek their own legal advice when matters of law affect their lives. This post offers no legal advice and should only be read as an introduction to the topic of physical custody for children.

How to cut costs during divorce

When you split from your spouse, you will, of course, have to work through several issues relating to asset division, and, if applicable, child custody and support. Navigating these matters can prove expensive, but know that you have at least some degree of control over how much your divorce ultimately costs.

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