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What is the process for a paternity case in Michigan?

Sometimes, when a child in Michigan is born to unmarried parents, both parents will agree to sign an Affidavit of Parentage form. Doing so establishes paternity, meaning that the child's mother can subsequently seek child support from the child's father, and the child's father can seek parenting time with the child if he wishes. However, sometimes a parent does not wish to sign this form. If this is the case, then a parent can file a paternity case to establish parentage of the child.

Parallel parenting may be a workable child custody option

Parents in Plymouth going through a divorce may want to make sure their child gets through the process in a healthy matter and continues to thrive post-divorce. If parents are on amicable terms, they could try co-parenting as a means of child custody. Through co-parenting, parents will generally keep the same rules and routines in both of their households and will often attend special events, such as holidays and other celebrations together with their child.

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