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January 2019 Archives

How children can benefit from joint custody arrangements

Divorce means change, and one of the major adjustments many people navigating their way through divorces must grapple with is spending less time with their children than they might have in the past. If this describes your own circumstances, you may find yourself struggling to adapt to a new joint custody arrangement. It may make things easier, however, if you begin to understand that spending time in the homes of both you and your child’s other parent can have positive effects on your son or daughter’s development and wellbeing.

Planning for your financial future happens during a divorce

We all know or have experienced the signs of love and marriage. However, if you and your spouse have been in a negative place for a while, or if something big happened that affected your marriage in a negative way, divorce may be an option on the table. Finances, and going from married to single, is a topic of much importance with clients' wondering about their financial futures.

Getting answers and resolution to your property division

Marriage brings more than just a spouse and oftentimes children. It brings the complete cohesion of a couple's life, everything from living quarters to finances to family. This is a big reason why divorce can sound so daunting to a couple thinking about divorce. However, with the right effort, the process of property division can be completed to a person's satisfaction and they can move one step closer to finalizing a divorce.

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