Common reasons why 50 percent of marriages fail

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Unfortunately, some marriages do not last forever. Despite the best of intentions, couples often struggle to stay the course. According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. The rate of second and third marriages is even higher.

Why do nearly half of all married couples decide to throw in the towel? Here are some of the most prominent factors that can cause a marriage to fail.

Lack of communication

Of course, communication is the bedrock of any healthy relationship. Partners must tell one another when something is going wrong. Sadly, many couples do not know how to communicate their feelings effectively. Open and healthy discussions are crucial to address problems and fix them as soon as they crop up. When couples do not talk about what is bothering them, marriages disintegrate.

In-law complications

Family dynamics can cause a lot of trouble for marriages. If one spouse is not ready for the way the in-laws act, there may be a rude awakening. Ongoing annoyances and disputes involving in-laws can put significant strain on a marriage. 

Religious differences

When couples date, religion may not be a central factor in romance. However, once couples begin living with one another and partaking in family traditions, religion can become much more important. Additionally, partners may convert or become more religious as the years pass. When couples are not on the same page regarding religion, especially when it comes to raising children, problems can arise.

Lack of commitment

To last, a marriage requires a substantial amount of commitment. Certainly, this has to do with committing to sexual boundaries. Infidelity can completely shatter relationships. It also has to do with committing to the everyday aspects of married life. This means sticking it out when things are rough, remaining present and being supportive. When spouses stop putting in the work, the relationship can crumble. 

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