Experienced Professional

Experienced Professional

Month: December 2017

Being a good father post-divorce

Going through a divorce is always a difficult process, and you may feel a great deal of guilt or worry about how the split may have affected your children. It is important to remember that going through a divorce could be one of the best things that you ever do for...

Your rights to full custody as a father

It is becoming increasingly common for fathers to find themselves in a situation where getting full custody is in the best interests of their children. However, many fathers believe that the odds are stacked against them when they appeal for full custody, because they...

Writing a successful parenting plan

A parenting plan is an informal document where both parents, when separated or divorced, can lay out the basic rules and schedules regarding their child that they can agree upon.This lays down a foundation of understanding where both parents can minimize any disputes...

Will a divorce disrupt my company’s operations?

When you are a professional such as a CPA, dentist or doctor who owns your practice, or you are a small-business owner in general, it is natural to wonder whether a divorce will affect your operations. After all, you heard about that other dentist whose business...

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