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Experienced Professional

Month: November 2017

How can I enforce my alimony payments?

When a court orders alimony payments to be paid to you, your ex-spouse might not be very happy. They might think that they were treated unfairly by the courts or that they will now be struggling financially. However, the reality is that the courts take alimony...

How can a father gain full custody?

There are times when a father can feel concerned about the other parent's abilities and the habits that she has when it comes to taking care of their child. You may have reason to believe that your child is being neglected or even abused when he or she is at the other...

How to calculate alimony in Michigan

One of the most stressful and indeed controversial aspects to finalizing a divorce is often the calculation of alimony payments.There can often be conflicting opinions between how much alimony is owed, and this is why the courts have tried to make the process as...

Divorcing when you have no idea about your finances

It can be confusing and frustrating when you want to initiate a divorce or have to answer a divorce filing and have no idea about your financial situation. In divorce, as with many other issues, knowledge is power.That said, it is possible to get some knowledge before...

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