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November 2017 Archives

How can I enforce my alimony payments?

When a court orders alimony payments to be paid to you, your ex-spouse might not be very happy. They might think that they were treated unfairly by the courts or that they will now be struggling financially. However, the reality is that the courts take alimony payments very seriously, and they calculate a judgment that they believe is the fairest scenario for all. Therefore, if your ex-spouse is late on an alimony payment, the consequences can be severe.

Does my child have a right to choose who he or she lives with?

It is normal and healthy to give children more responsibility and opportunities to make decisions about their lives as they grow older. This is true for many things, from deciding what types of subjects they would like to study at school, to which friends they would prefer to hang out with, the clothes they would like to wear and the sports that they want to play.

Unmarried fathers must be aware of their rights

It is becoming increasingly common for the parents of a child to be unmarried. Parents might initially intend to be an unmarried couple raising their child together; however, the problem is that if the relationship disintegrates, the father has less rights and parental security than a father who is married to the mother and intends to get a divorce.

Is it illegal for a father to deny paternity?

Finding the legal paternity of a child can be difficult to do if the man that the mother claims is the father decides not to acknowledge paternity. If the man does not acknowledge paternity, then he will not have custody rights, but at the same time, he will not be liable for child support payments.

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