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October 2017 Archives

Divorcing without sacrificing your mental health

Divorce is a harsh reality for as many as 48 percent of married couples within the 20 years following the marriage. Most people decide to divorce because they come to the conclusion that they will live happier and more fulfilled lives after they have separated from their spouse. However, the process of divorce is inevitably a stressful and draining one, even if you separate amicably. There is the pressure of doing right by your children and explaining the situation to friends and family can make it feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Taking action as a victim of paternity fraud

One of the most devastating realizations as a father is to become aware that a child that you have loved and raised is not biologically yours. It is more common than people may think that a mother was in full knowledge of the true paternity of a child since conception, but had purposefully deceived people in order to gain child support or another form of support from the person she stated was the father.

How important is proof of paternity?

Proof of paternity is the establishment of the father of a child. This can be significant for many legal matters that concern the child and their parents. Just because a man's name is on a child's birth certificate does not mean that they have been legally established as the father of the child. Therefore, after a birth certificate has been signed, there can still be a quest to prove or establish paternity.

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