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December 2014 Archives

Divorcing in Michigan with no children

It is certainly true that marriages involving children can be complicated and lengthy affairs, but there are times when a childless divorce can be complex as well. It is all a matter of perspective for couples contemplating a divorce. Sometimes, the split is relatively easy and somewhat amicable, but other times, a plethora of marital elements can make a childless divorce as much a nightmare as a divorce involving children. Here is why most people choose to work with an attorney when a childless divorce turns messy.

Understanding spousal support options in Michigan

Making a spousal support agreement can be a confusing aspect of divorce. In many cases, both spouses don't know where to begin, and if animosity exists between the two parties, it adds to the overall complexity of the matter. While Michigan law does not provide divorcing couples with a simple formula for spousal support decisions, it can be helpful for spouses to understand the different options available.