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What must you prove to get a divorce in Michigan?

If you're thinking about asking for a divorce in Michigan, you might be worried about proving that the split is really needed. Many people assume that they need to go before a judge, lay out the reasons why they want a divorce and then offer solid proof to back them. If they don't have that proof that the other person did something wrong -- something that warrants a divorce -- they are worried that they will be denied.

Fortunately, that is not the way that things work in Michigan. The state has what is called "no-fault" divorce. Neither party is held accountable, no proof is needed, and the divorce can proceed as long as you desire it.

This is true regardless of why you want a divorce. Perhaps the whole thing is based on a spouse who was not faithful, for example, or a spouse who abandoned you and your children. Maybe it is based on verbal abuse that you've suffered, which is something that can be very hard to prove. Maybe you want the split because your spouse has a gambling problem or other financial issues. You don't have to prove that these issues exist, streamlining the process.

One other interesting aspect of no-fault divorce is that you could ask for a divorce even if you caused the divorce to be needed. Perhaps you were unfaithful, or maybe you are the one who has struggled with money management. Since the court does not care who was at fault, you are just as free to ask for the divorce as your spouse.

Before you get everything started, it is very important to know how no-fault divorce works and what legal steps you need to take to get the process moving forward.

Source: Michigan Legal Help, "Introduction to Divorce with Minor Children" Nov. 11, 2014

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