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Navy dad wins motion to transfer custody case out of Michigan

It is good news for a U.S. Navy father who was recently threatened with arrest in a Michigan courtroom during a child custody proceeding. The father's attorneys received a notice that a motion to transfer the custody was granted on Monday, Nov. 17. It will allow the Navy dad to move custody proceedings out of Lenawee County, Michigan, to a court in Kitsap County, Washington. The father's 6-year-old daughter has resided with him in Kitsap County since 2010.

The custody case came under public scrutiny when a Lenawee County Circuit Court judge threatened to have the Navy man arrested if he did not comply with a June 16 order to relinquish custody of the child while deployed out of the U.S. The girl's father requested a stay under the Civil Relief Act for federal service members, which the judge granted several days later.

Reportedly, there would have been some concern for the child's welfare if the Navy father gave up custody, since the child's mother was previously involved in child abuse allegations. The father's attorneys reportedly believe transferring the case is the proper solution as neither the mother nor the father currently resides in Lenawee County. News reports also say the Navy dad was worried he would not get fair treatment in Lenawee County.

Adrian, Michigan, attorneys for the father received support for the transfer from the Kitsap County judge who issued a letter stating the Kitsap County Superior Court should be the venue in which the case is resolved.

This story highlights the ways in which a Michigan attorney will work for the rights of his or her client. Making decisions about the custody of a child is complex enough without the added stress of venue concerns. A good attorney knows how to guide clients towards a resolution that serves the parents and the children involved in custody issues.

Source: Daily Telegram, "Agreement reached to send Navy dad's custody case to his home county" Dennis Pelham, Nov. 18, 2014

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