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November 2014 Archives

Michigan child support enforcement methods

For many single parents raising their children, receiving a child support determination is simply the first step in their efforts to get help from the noncustodial parent. Sometimes, it is difficult to actually receive the support payments from the other parent, even though Michigan law uses fair and balanced means to determine the amount. If this should happen, it is the state's job to enforce the payment of child support.

Navy dad wins motion to transfer custody case out of Michigan

It is good news for a U.S. Navy father who was recently threatened with arrest in a Michigan courtroom during a child custody proceeding. The father's attorneys received a notice that a motion to transfer the custody was granted on Monday, Nov. 17. It will allow the Navy dad to move custody proceedings out of Lenawee County, Michigan, to a court in Kitsap County, Washington. The father's 6-year-old daughter has resided with him in Kitsap County since 2010.

What must you prove to get a divorce in Michigan?

If you're thinking about asking for a divorce in Michigan, you might be worried about proving that the split is really needed. Many people assume that they need to go before a judge, lay out the reasons why they want a divorce and then offer solid proof to back them. If they don't have that proof that the other person did something wrong -- something that warrants a divorce -- they are worried that they will be denied.

Do you know basic child custody terminology?

Are you up-to-date on child custody rules and regulations in the state of Michigan? If you do not feel fully prepared to pursue a child custody proceeding in the midst of your divorce, you are not alone. The legal process required to assign custody and divvy up parenting time can seem daunting to even the most confident parent. The good news: The state of Michigan has already done a lot of the work for you.