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Interesting divorce trends for college graduates and grandparents

While the common statistic that is cited when it comes to divorce in Michigan is that half of the married couples are doing it, the reality is that statistics can be broken down much more thoroughly by specific groups. Looking at these groups can show some interesting trends that may otherwise be overlooked.

For example, people who have gone to college and gotten a degree are at less risk for a divorce than those who have only completed their high school education. In fact, some studies have shown that college graduates have 50 percent less of a chance of splitting up. Rather than going up over the last three decades, the rate of divorce for college graduates has dropped.

Another interesting trend in the United States is that grandparents are getting divorced in higher numbers than some may suspect. In fact, 25 percent of the people going through the process as more than 50 years old. A full 10 percent of the couples getting divorced are over 64 -- past retirement age.

The rates are only going up for this age group. Today, in 2014, couples who are 50 years old and older have double the odds of getting divorced as couples did at the same age back in 1990. This is a short time-span for such a dramatic shift.

As can be seen, specific groups definitely have different divorce rates. People who are in these groups need to know what rights they have when it comes to divorce and how they can legally go through the process to reach a settlement or an agreement.

Source: Time, "Why Your Grandparents Are Divorcing" Belinda Luscombe, Oct. 08, 2014

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