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How paternity can be revoked in Michigan

When people are interested in paternity in Michigan, it is often because they want to prove that a child really belongs to them. However, a lesser-known reason to get involved with this is to have paternity rights revoked, something that can be done. It is important for people to know how this works so that they can make sure they use all of their legal options in paternity cases.

There is a time frame to file the paperwork to have a paternity declaration revoked, and it works in two ways. First of all, if an acknowledgment of parentage has to be used, the other parent has a year to get it revoked. If this is not done, they simply have three years from the time that the child is born.

When putting in the affidavit, the person has to cite a reason why they want the paternity to be revoked. They have a few options to choose from. The first is a factual mistake that was made. The second is that new evidence has come to light, evidence that it was impossible to get before. The third is a case involving fraud, and the fourth is similar, in that it addresses a case in which misrepresentation occurred. The fifth and final reason is if the initial paperwork was signed under duress.

After this has been done, tissue or blood testing -- or DNA testing -- may be used. It is worth noting that the person who is trying to get the other party's parentage revoked has the burden of proof on his or her end, as he or she has to show that the man is not the child's father.

Source: Child Welfare Information Gateway, "The Rights of Unmarried Fathers" Oct. 15, 2014

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