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Warrant issued for South Side rapper in child support case

Non-custodial parents can get behind on their child support payments for a number of reasons, including unexpected medical expenses or loss of a job. No matter what the reason is, the best way to approach child support issues is to face them head on. One Chicago father has yet to learn that lesson. His story can help to show those in nearby Detroit, Michigan, what not to do.

According to sources, the man is actually facing a pair of cases that both say he has not been paying his child support on time and that he owes a backlog of money. The mother in one of the cases attributed this to his lifestyle, saying that the way he had chosen to live showed that he did not care about his children. For example, she said that he had not seen the daughter that the two of them have together in months.

In that case, it appears that the man owes over $10,000. An exact figure was not given. The mother did say that some payments came through closer to the beginning of the year, but that she was not getting enough money recently and that the man had not even paid enough when he was paying to catch up on what he owed.

Things have now gotten worse for the man, as he allegedly skipped a hearing connected to these back payments. As a result, the judge in Cook County put out a warrant for his arrest.

Not making child support payments is very serious, and it can lead to an arrest and even jail time. If anyone believes that they are not getting the money that they deserve from the father or mother of one of their children, they need to explore all of their legal options.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Arrest warrant for Chief Keef in child support case" Kim Geiger, Jul. 14, 2014

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