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Parents flout child support rulings through Facebook posts

Facebook is a wonderful Internet resource -- but it may also be your downfall when it comes to child support. A growing number of parents are facing serious criminal consequences for failing to pay their child support after evidence has surfaced of them flouting courtroom orders and spending money on themselves. Both parents who pay and receive child support should know about the implications of social media for their ongoing schedule of monthly payments.

Many Michigan residents may not realize that they could face serious criminal penalties if they fail to pay their child support. Those include felony charges and potentially even jail time. Maybe that is why so many parents are bragging about their new vehicles and other possessions online -- or even posting pictures of themselves holding stacks of cash. Ultimately, the child loses out when parents choose to withhold financial resources for their own gain.

A few examples: One man has paid less than a quarter a day for his 3-year-old son's child support. That may seem like a typical situation, but the violation becomes even more egregious when considering the fact that the child has leukemia. Facebook posts from the child's father show him bragging about his financial situation, showing off his new vehicle and even promoting the fact that he bought tickets to a pro football game. One woman got a nose job instead of paying for child support. Another man purchased a recording studio but then claimed that he could not make payments.

Ultimately, it is important to recognize that there is a big difference between disadvantaged parents who truly cannot pay for everyday expenses and those who intentionally withhold child support intended for medical expenses and other costs. In the end, the child is the person who suffers most from parents who refuse to pay their support. Just a few months' worth of delinquent payments could mean that a parent will end up facing serious legal consequences. Both the payer and the recipient should be aware of this rule.

Source: Fox6Now.com, "Facebook posts get deadbeat parents busted for not paying child support" Stephen Davis and Meghan Dwyer, Jul. 17, 2014

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