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July 2014 Archives

Parents flout child support rulings through Facebook posts

Facebook is a wonderful Internet resource -- but it may also be your downfall when it comes to child support. A growing number of parents are facing serious criminal consequences for failing to pay their child support after evidence has surfaced of them flouting courtroom orders and spending money on themselves. Both parents who pay and receive child support should know about the implications of social media for their ongoing schedule of monthly payments.

Warrant issued for South Side rapper in child support case

Non-custodial parents can get behind on their child support payments for a number of reasons, including unexpected medical expenses or loss of a job. No matter what the reason is, the best way to approach child support issues is to face them head on. One Chicago father has yet to learn that lesson. His story can help to show those in nearby Detroit, Michigan, what not to do.

Anderson files for divorce after 6-month marriage

Celebrity superstar Pamela Anderson will be divorcing her husband, Rick Salomon, for the second time. The 47-year-old bombshell submitted the divorce paperwork in early July, according to news sources. Salomon and Anderson had been briefly married in 2007 during a Las Vegas fling that only lasted for two months before an annulment.

Unfair prenups can cause Michigan divorce issues

Is your prenup air-tight? Although many Michigan residents may believe that their prenuptial agreement is perfectly drafted, the fact remains that couples sometimes enter into contracts that they do not understand. The lack of a viable prenuptial agreement can lead to divorce issues that were supposed to be avoided with this comprehensive document.