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June 2014 Archives

Navy servicemember threatened with child custody loss

It stands to reason that a U.S. servicemember who is deployed should receive special considerations during child custody negotiations. One Michigan man is fighting against a rule, however, that would cause him to lose custody of his daughter to his ex-wife. The reason? He cannot attend custody hearings because he is deployed on a nuclear-powered submarine overseas. The woman in this case lost physical custody of her child in 2010 after being investigated for child abuse and neglect. That woman eventually pleaded no contest to assault, and the child was removed from her care. In the interim, she has reportedly failed to make several child support payments

Keep summertime fun with positive parenting time

So, your children are taking a vacation with their other parent. Whether they are staying in Michigan or heading out for a far-away destination, families need to be sure to gear up -- physically and emotionally -- for the effects of a prolonged visit. Experts say that adults do not always handle this division of parenting time with grace, but it is critical that both parents support and honor the custody and visitation schedule.

Reality TV star owes more than $1 million in back child support

Even famous people run afoul of the law when they fail to comply with child support guidelines. Reality star Steven Jordan, known to many Michigan residents for his role on "Love & Hip Hop," has been arrested for failing to make monthly payments for his child support. Official reports show that the man has failed to pay a whopping $1.1 million for his teenage children who live in Pennsylvania with their mother.

'Conscious uncoupling' has been a divorce fad for years

You have probably heard of the "conscious uncoupling" movement that is sweeping through divorce circles after Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin coined the term. The trend has reached Michigan and most other states; if you look at the numbers, just 5 percent of modern divorces end up in trial. Mediation and arbitration have become the norm, even in traditionally contentious states like New Jersey. There, lawyers are required to advise their clients about the usefulness of these alternative methods. Although Paltrow and Martin popularized the phrase, alternative divorce methods have been quietly gaining traction for years.