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Man pleads 'no contest' to misdemeanor charge for truck damage

A Michigan man's criminal charges have been reduced after he entered a "no contest" plea for allegedly attacking his neighbor's vehicle. The man had been facing felony charges in connection with the incident, but those accusations have been lowered to a misdemeanor charge for destruction of property. He could still face a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines, but the new charges are admittedly less significant than a potential five-year term that could have come from the felony count.

The man was facing more serious charges after allegedly attacking his neighbor's vehicle in late December because snow had been pushed into his driveway. The victim had reportedly cleared his own driveway that morning with his truck, which has a plow attached to the front. He returned home to find his driveway full of snow again, so he plowed once more.

After the man finished plowing, the defendant allegedly emerged into the roadway and grabbed part of the plow, launching himself onto the hood of the truck. He began to jump on the truck and even kicked in the windshield. The defendant said he lost his temper when he saw snow being pushed back into his own driveway. Neither person involved in the altercation was injured.

The defendant in this case entered a "no contest" plea, which is different from a guilty plea. Defendants who plead "no contest" do not admit guilt, but instead simply acknowledge that enough information is available to achieve a conviction. This type of plea is appropriate in some criminal cases, but it is not advisable in all circumstances. Criminal defendants in Michigan who have questions about their plea decisions may benefit from the help of a criminal defense attorney.

Source: MLive.com, "Bangor Township man charged with attacking snowplow pleads no contest to misdemeanor" Cole Waterman, Feb. 24, 2014

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