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February 2014 Archives

Man pleads 'no contest' to misdemeanor charge for truck damage

A Michigan man's criminal charges have been reduced after he entered a "no contest" plea for allegedly attacking his neighbor's vehicle. The man had been facing felony charges in connection with the incident, but those accusations have been lowered to a misdemeanor charge for destruction of property. He could still face a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines, but the new charges are admittedly less significant than a potential five-year term that could have come from the felony count.

Firefighter convicted of property crime after intentional blaze

A former trainee at a Michigan fire department could spend decades in custody after being convicted of intentionally setting a fire. The man, age 36, admitted to lighting the July blaze, which destroyed an apartment building and caused about two dozen residents to be displaced. He apparently ignited the fire because he wanted to make a run with the department. The man received a sentence of five to 35 years in prison for the property crime, and he has been ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution to the victims whose homes he burned. He had entered a guilty plea to charges of first-degree arson at a hearing in December.

Michigan police officer charged with drinking and driving

A Michigan police officer is facing charges for drunk driving after the conclusion of an investigation that lasted nearly three weeks. The woman, age 34, entered a not-guilty plea on Feb. 4, according to official reports. The officer, who has been working for the department since 2005, is charged with driving with a high blood alcohol content. That drunk driving charge is a misdemeanor that could lead to a six-month jail sentence.

Teen driver facing OWI charge, others after September wreck

A 19-year-old woman is facing serious charges in connection with a vehicle wreck in Michigan that ended in an alleged assault on an officer. The woman was arrested for drinking and driving in Ypsilanti, according to authorities. The woman is facing charges under the state's 'super drunk' driving law, which is designed to provide extra measures of punishment for those who drive with a blood alcohol content that measures at 0.17 percent or higher. The legal limit for driving in Michigan is 0.08 percent.