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Parolee detained for alleged vehicle-related theft

The parolee had no idea that the vehicle he attempted to rob belonged to a police officer. Sadly, the 43-year-old man was back in court facing larceny charges in connection with the Michigan incident, during which he allegedly tried to pry hubcaps from a detective's vehicle. The man is formally charged with larceny from auto, and he is also facing additional penalties for driving on a suspended license. Those charges are misdemeanors.

Authorities report that the man has a long history of criminal convictions, including armed robbery and weapons crimes. In the past, he has also apparently attempted to steal vehicles and elude police capture. The man was most recently released from prison in June 2012, and he is currently on parole.

Official reports indicate that the man attempted to steal the hubcap as the detective's vehicle was parked outside a home improvement store. The detective noticed that another vehicle was parked at a close angle to his own, and he saw a man squatting between the two cars. The defendant then reportedly attempted to flee, but he was apprehended by the detective shortly after the incident. The detective's hubcap was allegedly found in the defendant's vehicle upon his arrest, which caused the man to be accused of theft.

An initial hearing in the matter is scheduled for mid-December. Despite the man's criminal record, he deserves an unbiased legal proceeding. In this case, the man is facing only misdemeanor charges, but it is not yet clear how his actions will affect his parolee status. The man in this case may face returning to prison if he is found to be in violation of the terms of his parole. Such defendants can benefit from the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney, who can help them learn more about their rights and options. These attorneys can help the defendants take appropriate steps that may reduce the likelihood of returning to custody.

Source: www.troyrecord.com, "Stealing a cop's hubcap is a bad idea, worse if you're on parole" Mike McConnell, Nov. 30, 2013

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