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December 2013 Archives

Michigan lawmaker sentenced for misdemeanor charge

A former state legislator in Michigan has pleaded no contest to charges associated with a financial fraud scheme that allegedly took money from more than 150 local victims. Criminal charges filed in the matter included neglect of duty by a public official. The man faced only a misdemeanor charge, for which he will serve a single year of probation, along with 320 hours of community service and a modest fine.

Trio facing theft charges after allegedly taking Michigan cars

Three defendants have been arrested in connection with a suspected car theft ring that has been targeting vehicles throughout southern Michigan. Official reports show that the trio was arrested after they were allegedly attempting to steal a vehicle from a dealership on East M-21. Defendants in the case are facing theft charges, including unlawful driving away of an automobile and conspiracy to commit the same crime. Authorities say they intend to attempt to link the men, ages 30 to 33, to a variety of other vehicle thefts in the state.

Drug charges won't apply to marijuana users on private property

Good news has arrived for all of those area residents who enjoy smoking a small amount of marijuana in their own homes. A new ordinance in Jackson, Michigan, will allow the decriminalization of up to an ounce of pot for those who are 21 and older on private property. The ordinance is designed to reduce the number of minordrug charges that have been plaguing the area. That measure passed in November by nearly a two-to-one ratio, according to area news reports.

Parolee detained for alleged vehicle-related theft

The parolee had no idea that the vehicle he attempted to rob belonged to a police officer. Sadly, the 43-year-old man was back in court facing larceny charges in connection with the Michigan incident, during which he allegedly tried to pry hubcaps from a detective's vehicle. The man is formally charged with larceny from auto, and he is also facing additional penalties for driving on a suspended license. Those charges are misdemeanors.