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County leader facing misdemeanor charges for wreck

A Michigan official from Kalkaska County is facing criminal charges in connection with a recent car accident in Oliver Township. The man, who heads the Kalkaska County Equalization Department, will mount a criminal defense against misdemeanor charges of reckless driving. The man is also accused of failing to stop after the Sept. 26 car accident, which luckily did not result in any injuries.

The 46-year-old government official is accused of slamming on his brakes, causing the person behind him to run into his vehicle. Authorities say that the driver then sped away from the scene, even as the 62-year-old driver in the other vehicle called law enforcement officers for help. The second driver was reportedly transporting his three grandchildren in his Buick sedan when the accident occurred.

Official reports show that the hit-and-run driver left because he was concerned about who might have been in the other vehicle. He may have thought that the other driver was going to be dangerous. Further, he noted that the car did not follow him after the wreck. The man drove to the sheriff's department in Kalkaska instead of waiting at the scene of the wreck. The man was reportedly shocked to be served with misdemeanor charges, as he contends that the other driver was tailgating and he slammed on his brakes to get the second driver to stop driving so closely.

So far, the defendant has been unable to obtain a written copy of the police report, which he can use to further his criminal defense case. He said he is hoping for justice during his day in court, as he is unsure why he would be charged with a crime since he was rear-ended by someone else.

This man thought he was making the right decision for his own personal safety by driving to the sheriff's office instead of staying at the scene of the crash. He is now being charged with leaving the scene of a collision, even though he thought he might have been in some type of danger. This man and all car accident defendants deserve to be heard in an unbiased court of law, where they have the opportunity to explain their true intentions.

Source: www.morningstarpublishing.com, "County department head faces misdemeanor charges" Dennis Mansfield, Nov. 20, 2013

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