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Ex-con facing charges for purse-nabbing

A 52-year-old man is facing theft charges after allegedly grabbing an elderly woman's purse. The Michigan man is accused of dragging the 94-year-old woman down the pavement before she finally relinquished her hold on her handbag. Authorities say the man is being held on $100,000 cash bond while waiting for his first hearing in mid-August. He had just been released in September after spending six years in prison for previous crimes.

Witnesses said the man pulled up beside the elderly woman as she was getting into her friend's vehicle. The man grabbed her purse, but the woman initially refused to let go, only allowing the man to take the bag after she had been knocked to the ground. She suffered minor injuries in connection with the incident, receiving treatment at local medical facilities before being released. The woman's friend, who was behind the wheel at the time, wrote down the man's license plate number for submission to authorities. In addition, the man's family was able to convince him to turn himself in to authorities.

The man has a significant criminal record in the area, having been sentenced to 5 to 15 years' prison time in connection with a 2005 carjacking accusation. He had also been convicted of robbing a bank.

News reports show that the man could spend as long as 10 years in prison in connection with this incident. He is formally charged with larceny from a person.

If you have been arrested and charged with larceny or theft, you are not automatically considered guilty. You should contact a qualified criminal defense attorney who can help you learn more about your rights and responsibilities with regards to your criminal case. Experienced lawyers help protect your interests from indictment through sentencing and beyond. Do not delay; contact a qualified Michigan criminal defense attorney today to learn more about your options.

Source: www.dailytribune.com, "Ex-con charged with stealing purse from woman, 94" Gordon Wilczynski, Aug. 09, 2013