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X-rays stolen from Detroit warehouse

As the city of Detroit, Michigan, faces financial straits that led to bankruptcy, it appears local residents may be becoming similarly desperate. A group of defendants are facing potential theft charges after a warehouse was raided for X-rays. Why would someone be interested in taking medical film? The answer, said experts, might surprise you. X-ray film is high in silver content. The precious metal is collected from the film for profit.

Henry Ford Hospital has recently confirmed that a robbery in late May resulted in the theft of more than 15,000 films that had been stored in an independently owned warehouse in Detroit. The hospital had not released the information until this point because officials were attempting to determine whether any personal information was obtained during the theft. Luckily, it appears that the X-ray film simply contained internal reference information. In other words, no Social Security numbers, addresses or phone numbers were revealed.

Authorities report that one person, a former warehouse employee, is already in custody in connection with the thefts. That man was fired the day after the theft occurred. He is facing charges of larceny from a building, along with another charge of theft over $20,000. It is not clear whether charges are pending against any others who may have been involved in the theft.

The hospital is working with patients to assign new medical records numbers upon request. Additional security measures are also likely to be employed at the warehouse to prevent future X-ray thefts. The storage and disposal of the X-rays will be reconsidered as a result of the loss.

The employee in this case is not automatically considered guilty simply because he was arrested in connection with the thefts. In fact, he has many legal options to explore, especially if others are implicated in the alleged crime. This man should consider speaking with a qualified criminal defense attorney to learn more about his rights and responsibilities associated with the charges.

Source: www.detroitnews.com, "Thieves seeking silver steal 15,400 Henry Ford Hospital X-rays" Tom Greenwood, Jul. 23, 2013