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Michigan men accused of stealing construction equipment

Two men from Saginaw, Michigan, are facing criminal charges for theft and larceny after they reportedly made off with some $20,000 worth of construction equipment. The men, ages 35 and 36, were arraigned on charges of larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny and possession of burglar tools, according to official reports.

Authorities say the men, who are in custody in Saginaw County, stole the equipment from Bond Trucking in Zilwaukee Township. Bond Trucking is a company that specializes in concrete and asphalt recycling. Part of the recycling process includes the use of heavy machinery to crush the asphalt. These machines include electric engines and steel plates, some of which were found missing from the firm's location.

After the thefts were discovered, local investigators began to comb scrap yards and specialty equipment retailers to locate the missing parts. Local businesses worked together with authorities to pinpoint the defendants. Both of the men were reportedly in custody within 12 hours of the reported thefts. Officers credit the quick response of law enforcement teams, along with the speedy reporting from Bond Trucking, with the quick resolution of the case.

One of the defendants could be facing a significantly more difficult road in this case. He was on parole for a home invasion charge at the time of his arrest. It is not clear how this event will impact his plans for the future.

The men in this case would be wise to retain the services of a qualified Michigan criminal defense attorney. These professionals can help guide the defendants from arraignment through sentencing, and sometimes even beyond during appeals. A qualified attorney could help the defendant who was already on parole by educating him about his legal options, including plea bargains and other legal maneuvers.

If you have found yourself in legal trouble because of a larceny or theft charge, you do not have to face the courtroom alone. Consider seeking the services of a qualified defense attorney to help you build the best defense possible in your criminal case.

Source: www.mlive.com, "Saginaw Township, Zilwaukee Township men arrested in theft of $20K in equipment from Bond Trucking" Jessica Fleischman, Jul. 11, 2013