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Man steals donation jar for kids' charity

An investigation has led to the arrest of a 19-year-old man from Ypsilanti, who admitted to the larceny of a donation jar that contained money for the Children's Miracle Network. The young man confirmed he was spotted on surveillance tape, taking the item from a Speedway gas station on June 12.

Authorities report the Michigan man was seen entering the retail establishment at about 11 a.m., where he is seen taking the jar on surveillance footage. He initially took the jar and placed it beneath a counter, but he is later seen leaving the store with the item. Officers said solving the crime was made easier through the use of advanced computer technology.

Investigators had received a number of tips about the incident, including a lead about the defendant's first name. Through the use of the Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information System, officers were able to network with other regional police authorities to discover the identity of the defendant. Social medial images confirmed the man's identity. In one photo, the man is wearing the same shirt that he did during the alleged robbery.

The man ultimately admitted to taking about $50 from the jar. Officers said they spent an unusual amount of time investigating the case because the beneficiaries were children; otherwise, a similar crime might not have warranted such close attention. Officials say they hope the man's arrest will set an example for other people thinking about stealing in the area.

The defendant in this case should consider seeking the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney. These professionals can help criminal defendants learn more about their legal rights and responsibilities. Just because you were arrested, you are not automatically considered guilty. Your criminal defense attorney can protect your rights in the courtroom from arraignment to sentencing and beyond. Do not go it alone in the courtroom. Instead, enlist the services of an experienced lawyer to help you today!

Source: www.heritage.com, "Saline Police: Ypsilanti man confesses to stealing donation jar for the Children's Miracle Network" Ben Baird, Jul. 19, 2013