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Farmer gets probation for pot distribution

A 62-year-old Michigan farmer has avoided jail time after facing drug charges for allegedly growing thousands of marijuana plants. The man and his wife were arrested two years ago when a raid by drug enforcement officers yielded some 8,000 plants. In March, the man pleaded guilty to manufacturing with intent to distribute marijuana. The woman's charges were dismissed in early May.

The man will serve two years' probation in connection with the charges. He is also in danger of losing his farm, and he will have to register as a convicted felon. Still, the man will not serve any jail time, thanks to the skillful representation from his criminal defense attorney. Prosecutors and law enforcement officers were obviously outraged at the lenient sentence, but the defense attorney argued that the man's offense was still relatively small when compared to other dealers' efforts.

Official reports show the man only grew about 180 kilograms of marijuana, which is far less than the amount normally used to characterize high-capacity drug dealers. In addition, the man was a poor criminal, according to his attorneys. The man cooperated with attorneys and did not have a previous criminal record. More than 20 letters were collected on the man's behalf, describing him as a man of character. Official documents show the man admitted to growing the pot because of a waning economy and financial loss for his farming operation.

The judge and defense attorney agree the man is unlikely to commit another crime, considering his advanced age and lack of criminal wrongdoing in his past.

If you are facing drug charges, your criminal defense attorney can help develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Without an experienced attorney, you can be overwhelmed by the legal process and potentially receive stricter punishments than necessary. Do not allow your case to be unfairly prosecuted by opportunistic attorneys; consult a qualified lawyer today!

Source: www.toledoblade.com, "Mich. farmer avoids jail time" Sam Gans, Jun. 29, 2013