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Michigan meth suspect surrenders to police

A 41-year-old Michigan man has turned himself in to face drug charges in relation to a methamphetamine production operation. The man is facing official charges of operating a meth lab and delivering or manufacturing the controlled substance. He was arraigned on June 3.

Authorities report that the Port Austin man surrendered to police in early June after an investigation into the meth production efforts. Three independent search warrants had been issued for facilities throughout the Port Austin area. One person was arrested and several others were interviewed in connection with the investigation. Officers in the area said they had been receiving tips about the meth production efforts for months, but they only recently had enough information to act.

The first search yielded several syringes and other types of drug paraphernalia. Also found in that residence were items and products used to manufacture meth. Two people were interviewed and released pending further investigation into the matter. Another home required a hazardous materials team to recover evidence, due to the toxic nature of the meth manufacturing supplies that were found at that location. The final residence yielded a significant number of meth manufacturing items, along with several marijuana plants and other contraband. One person was arrested on unrelated warrants.

Official reports show that the man who surrendered is accused of providing materials for the production of meth from December 2012 to May 2013. The charges are related to all three locations that were searched during the raids in early June. The man could face up to 40 years' prison time if he is convicted. His bail has been set at $100,000.

The man in this case surrendered to authorities, but that action did not necessarily indicate guilt. In fact, he has not yet entered a plea. The man should consider seeking the advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney in order to find out more about his legal options and rights, from arraignment through sentencing and beyond.

Source:  www.michigansthumb.com, "Port Austin meth lab suspect turns himself in" Kate Hessling, Jun. 04, 2013