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Teen admits to stealing grandma's gun

A teen from Bay City, Michigan, has been accused with stealing his grandmother’s .22-caliber gun before giving it to his mother’s ex--boyfriend. The 14--year--old will be subject to three theft charges in connection with the case, including larceny of a firearm, felony firearm and larceny in a building. The 36—year--old recipient of the weapon is also facing charges for concealing a stolen firearm and felony firearm, the combination of which could land him in prison for up to 12 years.

The boy’s grandmother reported the gun stolen on Dec. 31, 2012. The boy later admitted to taking the firearm in July and delivering it to the older man. Even though the man had stopped seeing the boy’s mother months before, the two had kept in contact against the woman’s wishes. The teen reportedly originally told police that he had stolen the gun at the request of the boyfriend.

The young man told officers that he was afraid to refuse to steal the gun, because the boyfriend said there would be “consequences.” As a result, he decided to steal the firearm by breaking into his grandmother’s basement, and then hiding the firearm at a local boat launch before handing it off to the other defendant in exchange for cigarettes. The teen’s story changed in March, however, when he admitted that he thought stealing the gun would be cool. The boyfriend reported that he had not paid the boy in cigarettes or in any other fashion for the weapon.

Both defendants in this case will need to enlist the services of a qualified criminal attorney. It is not yet clear whether the juvenile will be charged within the juvenile system; if so, a qualified attorney can help the boy and his family understand their legal rights and responsibilities. Lawyers can walk defendants through the various processes involved in criminal defense, including arraignment, entering pleas, trials and sentencing hearings.

Source:  mlive.com, "Police: Bay City teen stole grandma???s gun, gave it to mom???s ex-boyfriend" Cole Waterman, Apr. 25, 2013